1. All cats must be immunised against Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis. We are not able to accept any cats who are not up to date with their vaccinations.

2. Vaccination cards must be shown at booking in and we will require the name of your cat's vet for the registration form.

3. Un-neutered males over seven months cannot be accepted

4. If any cat shows signs of ill health on admission we do reserve the right to refuse admission.

5. Please ensure that your cat is up to date with worming and flea treatment.  If signs of either of these are found during your cat's stay with us we reserve the right to treat these with Drontal cat wormer and Frontline cat spot on flea treatment.  The cost of these will be added to your bill.

6. Should your cat become ill during its stay with us, we will seek veterinary treatment from your named vet. If there is any problem contacting your vet, another vet will be used. Any veterinary charges will be added to your bill.

7. Food we stock a wide range of both dry and wet foods and aim where possible to give the cats the same food that they have at home and cater for individual likes and dislikes and any special feeding patterns. If your cat is on a prescription diet we will be happy to follow this and if we do not hold this in stock, will be happy for you to bring it in for us to serve.

8. Medication can be administered at no extra charge

9. We provide all that is necessary for your cat during their stay but if you would like to bring a blanket or toy to help your cat settle, this is acceptable. Also if your cat requires regular grooming, please can you bring its own brush and comb

10. Payment must be made on collection

11. Please, if possible, give 14 days notice should you need to cancel your booking.

12. If you decide to collect your cat prior to the agreed collection date, the full booking fee will be charged.

13. Personal Data on the registration form is kept by Hope Cottage Cattery purely for our records and is only used to contact the individuals. No information is passed to any third parties.

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